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Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a great way to grow in you don’t have
a garden.

Community gardens increase a sense of community and stewardship, foster the development of a community identity and spirit. Community gardens bring people together from a wide variety of backgrounds and can build community leaders.

They offer a focal point for community organising, and can lead to community-based efforts to deal with other social concerns. One of the first steps one should take if wishing to set up a community garden is contact Dublin City Council about the use of public land.

The second step is to get involved with an already established community garden and take advice and guidance from gardeners. Community Gardens are a great way to grow food especially if you have no garden or not enough time.

Community gardening is a healthy, inexpensive activity for young people. It can bring them closer to nature, and allow them to interact with each other in a socially meaningful and physically productive way while also educating them about healthy eating.


Community Gardens in Dublin

To get involved with community
gardens in dublin you can visit